ryan sherman

Owner/Head Coach -

CF Level 2 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

2007 ACC Champion + 2007 ACC Tournament Champion - Boston College

Lululemon Ambassador

I am a very competitive athlete who strives to get better every time I train. I always pride myself as being very fit and technical. It all started in high school when I transferred my junior year to play soccer for the top ranked St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ where I was a captain and a two time All-Prep selection (equivalent to All-State) leading the team to back to back state championships. When it came to a fitness test I had to come in first; it was just who I was. From there I received many offers to top soccer programs in the country. I chose to attend Boston College where I helped the team win its first ACC Championship and #1 overall national ranking in the NCAA tournament. I can give credit to my level of fitness and technical ability for my success as a player.

My first experience of CrossFit truly opened my eyes. It was a different level of fitness that I had never experienced before. I was instantly hooked. I realized that I could take my level of fitness to somewhere that is has never been. CrossFit brought back the fight and fire that I had during my high school and college career. It truly changed my life because it allows me to be in a competitive and challenging environment. Whether it’s the technique, strength, or workout of the day it is something that is challenging and makes me want to work even harder to get better each time I train.

I started coaching CrossFit in the fall of 2011. I loved the sport so much I wanted people to experience the same feeling that I have when I CrossFit. My goal as a coach is to help individual people achieve their own personal goals and build character doing it. CrossFit has changed my life and I look forward to help change the life of others at Ocean CrossFit.



Head Coach - CF Level 2 Trainer- CPR/AED Certified

I have been involved and passionate about athletics my whole life. In my youth, I participated in football, wrestling, baseball, and swimming. In high school, I decided to focus on wrestling and helped Ocean Township win their first two State Championships. Upon graduating high school, I continued my wrestling career as a Division 1 athlete at Lock Haven University, where I was introduced to strength training and conditioning.

 In addition, I have been a member of the Long Branch Beach Patrol for more than seven summers as one of their lifeguard captains. I always had a passion for fitness my whole life, but my view changed forever when I found CrossFit in January 2011.  After training almost a year as a competitive athlete, I decided to take my love for CrossFit to the next level and received my Level 1 Certification in October 2011.  Since then, I have worked at several other CrossFit gyms in the area and have been a key factor in each gyms' growth and success. My strong coaching abilities and dedication to improving the lives of everyone I train has helped many achieve and exceed their fitness goals.


Coach - CF Level 1 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

CF Mobility Certified

I have been involved in fitness my entire life, playing sports throughout all seasons. Since high school I've been playing in multiple indoor and outdoor soccer leagues, beach volleyball, and competed in multiple road races.

 Starting CrossFit in the Fall of 2011 allowed me to have that passion for competition, day in and day out. CrossFit has not only allowed me to advance physically, but most importantly, mentally. It requires much more than just physical capacity to compete in CrossFit, which is most intriguing to me still to this day.

 I started coaching CrossFit in 2012 and the experience has been immense. Being able to help people of all fitness levels in achieving and exceeding their goals is most rewarding. I am certified in CrossFit Mobility, which allows me to additionally help our athletes with improving flexibility, injury prevention, and recovery.


eric brown

Coach - CF level 1 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

Not only have I been involved in athletics my whole life but fitness has been a huge part of my professional life. Whether it was wrestling in high school or trucking around gear when I was in the Marine Corp, fitness was always the foundation. I believe that maintaining my fitness level throughout my life has not only just made me feel better physically but mentally as well. One the best parts about being a coach here at Ocean CrossFit is watching and seeing or athletes transform. Whether it's watching someone get their first muscle up or watching someone PR a back squat its simply a great feeling to share the excitement with them. Our members are not just becoming stronger athletes, they are becoming stronger people in general which I feel is the greatest satisfaction for me as a coach.


Kristin phillips

Coach - CF level 1 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

Power Hour Coach

One of my favorite memories growing up was my father who had a barbell with weights in our house and would lift in the living room every time we would watch a Yankee Game together. It was pretty obvious that athletics and fitness was engraved in me from a young age.

I played softball throughout my whole life whether it was recreation, school or my traveling team.  I loved my traveling team, the Central Jersey Tornado’s, the most because we were a group of likeminded woman from throughout NJ who strived to push ourselves. We would train throughout the year and work with different trainers both on and off the field to get better with endurance, speed and agility. Being in an environment with others who would helped push me really made me always strive to do better every time I stepped on the field.

After college my love for fitness continued when I became a personal trainer. I loved working with individuals and groups to motivate and push people to do more than they thought they could themselves. The fact that I made a difference in how they felt about themselves only made me more passionate and wanted to support them more. It was at this point where I was introduced to CrossFit. I loved working out but needed to do something different for myself to be around like minded people who shared that drive to better themselves.

When I started CrossFit, like most, I was intimidated. But the community and support that I found at Ocean CrossFit was way more than I ever expected. The coaching helped me do more than I thought I was capable of. Every member supports one another to push themselves day in and out. Every day I surprise myself and cannot believe the improvements and growth I have made. My goal is to help anyone who steps into Ocean to feel comfortable and supported. I want to be there to motivate and push people to help accomplish their goals and feel more confident in and outside the gym.  


pj raia

Coach - CF Level 1 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

Professional Surfer

Ever since I can remember I’ve been an athlete. From a young age I was heavily involved in athletics, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, you name it. This sparked the passion I still carry today which is to push my body to the edge of its capabilities. I was lucky enough to pursue a Professional Surfing career for many years and got to travel the world learning from all different types of people and cultures.  It is that which led me to spending my winters in Hawaii where I found CrossFit. 

I would wake up at 4:00 AM every morning and drive an hour up the mountains on Oahu to the nearest CrossFit Box to train. I had done a lot of training prior, mostly consisted of endurance based stuff (Running and Swimming), but when I found CrossFit I felt something different. I immediately fell in love with the challenge and the community. I started getting more and more involved until CrossFit turned into my main athletic focus. I don’t think some people understand the passion I have for the sport of CrossFit. Daily, I try to one-up the day before and become better every time I walk into the gym. 

Every day, I learn more and more. I want to pass on the knowledge I have gained through not only my own training, but traveling to different gyms and picking up information off of successful individuals. There’s so much to learn that you can’t ever know it all, that’s what I love about it. I realized the passion I had to help others achieve their goals and become the best they can be when I started coaching at a gym in Costa Mesa, California. I always try to do everything I can to help others optimize performance. Whether that’s nutrition tips, training tips, movement cues, or mental toughness strategies that helped me get to the next level. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone have that “Click” into the community and begin their CrossFit journey, and I love watching it unfold. 


autumn schatzow

Coach - CF level 1 Trainer - CPR/AED Certified

CrossFit Kids Certified

2014 Northeast Regional Team Competitor

Since I was a little girl, I have always been athletic and involved in sports. I remember my mom having me run a lap around the track after school everyday when I was in first grade in order to get ready for my first kids race. I played three sports in high school, winning seven conference championships and a state championship in softball. I continued my athletic career as a scholarship athlete in both tennis and softball at Georgian Court University. In 2006, I was on the winning CACC softball conference championship team. Throughout my time in college, I was also a member of the Student Athlete Advisory committee and attended the NCAA leadership conference. A year after graduating in 2009, I moved to Hawaii where I was outside enjoying hiking and running. I signed up for a living social deal and tried Crossfit for the first time. I was instantly hooked. I love how every Crossfit class is different and I enjoy working out in a group setting to fuel my competitive nature. Through Crossfit I am encouraged to push my limits because I can see that I continue to get stronger, and yet there is always something to work on. In May 2014, I competed on a team at the Northeast Regionals. In 2013, I received my Level I Crossfit certification. I enjoy coaching because it allows me to meet new people and share my passion for Crossfit. I enjoy seeing people get stronger, faster, and do things they never thought they were capable of doing. 

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Krista como

Coach - CF level 1 Trainer-  CPR/AED Certified

Unlike most of our coaches at Ocean CrossFit, I was not a life long athlete. Sports weren't a big part of my life. I had brief experiences with some activities, but was largely inactive and was always naturally thin, so it was never something I thought about. It was not until I went away to college and gained 20 pounds that I decided I needed a change.

I had heard of CrossFit but never took the initiative to try it. Eventually a gym opened near me and I took my first class... I was hooked ever since. I went from wanting a thigh gap to wanting thick legs so I could squat more. My goals went from being 115 pounds on the scale to deadlifting 300 pounds on a barbell. Thin became a thing of the past... I was more interested in what my body could do than what it looked like. 

Now, over three years into my journey, I am amazed at the progress I've made and what I've learned. I have never worked so tirelessly for one thing for this long. It has become a true passion of mine, and that is why I started coaching. I want others to see that it is absolutely possible to do what you think you cannot do. I know because I've been there. I want to bring energy to classes and make people enjoy being at the gym. I want them to know that there is a team of people there rooting for them to reach their goals, who will cheer when you succeed and pick you up on the days you fall... and believe me we all have those bad days. They're necessary for success.

Coaching brings me a sense of happiness that I can't entirely explain. I am blessed to be able to do something I truly enjoy and to help others fall in love with fitness in the process.

Allison lizzi

Coach - CF level 1 Trainer-  CPR/AED Certified

Although most coaches and many CrossFit athletes, including myself, come from backgrounds in athletics, it’s not something that will determine your success in CrossFit.  Sure it helps, but the most fascinating aspect of this sport, is watching someone who never had ANY athletic background or physical shape whatsoever completely turn into someone they never thought they could be both physically and mentally. 

I played Division III softball for Kean University where I made 1st and 2nd team all-conference 3 years in a row and All-NJAC player my Junior year.  Even before college I was always involved in organized sports growing up because of my competitive nature.  Once I graduated and the fun was over, I felt empty.  No practice, no more structured group workouts, and no more community.  College sports was the most important part of my life and was gone overnight.  I continued to go to the gym and go through the same routine for the next year however, began to feel stagnant.  I needed something to fill the void, to feed my craving for competition, and to be a part of a community again.  Not long after graduation, I got invited to try a CrossFit class and never looked back.  The constant variation and competition with myself became addictive.  Aside from the physical challenges, it made me push myself to a limit, mentally, I didn’t even know existed.  What I learned through CrossFit about myself and what I am capable of, both inside and out, is priceless.  

Because of this “gift” I believe CrossFit gave me, I felt it only necessary to give the gift back to the community through coaching.  Coaching isn’t something coaches do because it will make us "rich", but because we feel a sense of satisfaction and thrive off others accomplishments and goals.  When one athlete succeeds, we all feel as though we’ve succeeded.  Ocean CrossFit truly is the epitome of what a CrossFit community should be and I am proud to be a coach and athlete at Ocean CrossFit.

John Brownell

Weightlifting Coach -  CPR/AED Certified

Ranked top 10 in 85kg weight class in 2015

Best Overall Lifter in the 2015 Malvern East Coast Championships

  • Snatch - 315 lbs.
  • Clean + Jerk - 365 lbs. 
  • Jerk - 405 lbs.

I have been involved in sports my whole life. I was fortunate enough to take my football career from a 3x state championship team in high school to playing football at Temple University, where I was an outside linebacker and strong safety.  I found CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting when my football career ended and never looked back.  I became a nationally ranked weightlifter in the 85kg weight class.  My best lifts are 143kg (315lbs) snatch and 166kg (365lbs) clean and jerk.  I found Ocean CrossFit as I was getting prepared for USAW’s national championships because I needed an extremely competitive environment to thrive and grow. I love teaching weightlifting and getting crossfitter’s to the next level in olympic lifting.  I am here for OCF as a resource for anything involving Olympic Weightlifting and/or accessory work that applies to the snatch and clean+jerkF