Couch Stretch, 2min./side
Standing Straddle, 4min.

400m Run
30ft. HS Walk
200m Run
30ft. HS Walk
100m Run
30ft. HS Walk
(scale HS walk to 30sec. handstand or plank hold as needed)

Teams of 2 – Switching after full rounds
8 Rounds (4rnds each):
750m Row

Make up a lift you missed earlier in the week
A. T&G Deadlift 3x4 @60-80%, 1x4 @85%
B. Alternating EMOM for 10min., Even: 3 Push Jerks @75% Odd: 10 Burpees
C. Squat Clean 5x3 @60-90%
Spend 20min. working on a weakness
Examples: double-unders, kipping, handstands.

Competitors (Active Rest Day)
1. Specific Mobility Session
(spend 15-20 minutes moving through areas that are generally tight or bothering you)

2. The Flush
(walk, slow jog, row, bike, etc and settle in for at least 40 minutes)

3. 40+ Minute ROMWOD