Couch Stretch, 2min./side
Standing Straddle, 4min.

4 Slow Rounds:
200m Run
10ft HS Walk
(add 10′ to your handstand walk each round)
(scale HS walk to 10, 20, 30, and 40sec handstand or plank hold as needed)

15 Rounds:
1min. Max Calorie Row
1min. Rest
(RX+ assault bike calories)

Make up a lift you missed earlier in the week
A. T&G Deadlift 4x3 @60-80%, 1x3 @87.5%
B. Alternating EMOM for 12min., Even: 2 Push Jerks @85% Odd: 10 Box Jumps, 24/20"
C. Squat Snatch 5x3 @60-90%
Spend 20min. working on a weakness
Examples: double-unders, kipping, handstands.

Competitors (Active Rest Day)
1. Specific Mobility Session
(spend 15-20 minutes moving through areas that are generally tight or bothering you)

2. The Flush
(walk, slow jog, row, bike, etc and settle in for at least 40 minutes)

3. 40+ Minute ROMWOD